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First Job

You have just graduated and or got your first job.  You have some things you need to do and some other things you might want to do.
  • You are wanting to buy a home and or car.
  • Need to start paying off student loans and or other debts.
  • Hopefully you are able to start saving some money.
  • New Job- Health Insurance – 401ks – Other Benefits

 Starting a Family

You’ve gotten married and or starting having kids.  Hopefully your career is moving forward.  Now you have new goals and new things to take care of.
  • Getting ahead in career.
  • Buying a house.
  • Having Kids
  • Wills. 
  • Making sure you have enough life insurance.
  • Start a college savings plan(s).
  • Saving for Retirement and Future.


Your kids are getting older and might be getting close to leaving the nest.  Life is changing.  Hopefully you’ve been doing well and have saved more money.  The retirement is on the horizon and should start getting a plan started. Retirement Newsletter
  • Kids going or getting close to college or leaving the nest.
  • Paying down mortgage and or other debts.
  • Growing your savings and retirement savings.
  • Getting a real plan together for retirement.


You’ve got to that point where you are able to retire.  You don’t have to but now you have more options.  You are free to take on new challenges and enjoy life.  It’s time to get things in order for later in life and hopefully leave a little money or something for your kids.
  • Budget what you’ve saved along with any pensions and or social security payments.
  • Medicare, and consider options for assisted care if you need it.
  • Find something to do.  Work part time?  Start a business?  Volunteer work?
  • Make sure your wills and estate plans are up to date.
  • Enjoy it- You’ve earned it.
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