What number should you strive to reach? It is agreed that the earlier you start saving for retirement, the better. The big question on the minds of many savers, however, is: “How am I doing?” This article will show you some rough milestones to try and reach. (Keep in mind that you may need to save more or less than these amounts based on your objectives and lifestyle and income needs.)   At age 30, can you have the equivalent of a year’s salary saved? Some 30-year-olds have the equivalent of a year’s salary in debt, it is true; the

Once widely disparaged, these loans are getting a second look. Too many baby boomers are retiring with insufficient savings. Some of these boomers are “house rich” and “cash poor,” and in response to their circumstances, they may decide to arrange reverse mortgages. That move could make funding their retirements a little easier. Opinions about reverse mortgages are changing. Once saddled with an image problem, they are now seen as potentially useful instruments for producing additional retirement income. They are not without risk, however. Decades ago, reverse mortgages were marketed to senior citizens who were down on their financial luck. Retirees