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If anybody knows the challenges that you go through as a small business owner, it’s us, because we are one too.  We went through some stuff earlier this year and made some decisions because we were wasting too much time on administrative work.  We were spending too much time running a business than actually doing business.  We’d stop growing.  We found some ways to make the administrative things run easier and save some time so you can do the things that make your business great.  We can help take some of these things off of your plate.

  • Benefits – Health Inusrance – 401k plans – ect
  • Payroll and HR – The guy who does your payroll probably doesn’t do HR.  Do you have the HR employee poster on your wall or employee handbook?  (Both are required by law)
  • Accounting
  • Basic Marketing – Website Design and SEO (search engine optimization) – Social Media if it would be effective depending on your business.
  • CFO for Hire

Health Insurance for your Employees

We cut our insurance bill by 50%