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Advice for Individual Participants for 401k, 403b, 457, and TSP (Thrift Savings Plan)

At Lewis Wealth Management Group we provide independent, third party, fiduciary analysis and advice to individual company retirement plan participants.  We will assume responsibility of watching over your investments daily.  We analyze the expenses of every option within your menu and we rank every option in terms of performance.  Then, when appropriate, we will inform you when you need to make changes to the investments within your 401k. 

In our approach to investing we do not do the following.  We don’t make predictions on where the market will go.  We never assume that other investors will be “rational” or “efficient.”  We don’t remain fully invested regardless of market circumstances.

Our goal is to accumulate wealth in bull markets, then preserve our gains in bear markets.  We identify when to buy funds and when to sell the funds.  We focus on supply and demand indicators (technical analysis).   If there weren’t any supply and demand imbalances prices would never change. 

Email us and tell us what plan you have, where you work, and what funds you own for a FREE evaluation of your portfolio.