Think About Your Lifestyle Before You Retire

Think About Your Lifestyle Before You Retire

Sometimes planning for retirement isn’t entirely about money. How many words have been written about retirement? It’s a preoccupation for many, and we devote so much time, thought, and energy toward saving for the last day we go to work. Saving and investing in such a way that we no longer have to work may … Read more

Stocks And The Presidential Election

Stocks & Presidential Elections

What does history tell us – and should we value it?  As an investor, you know that past performance is no guarantee of future success. Expanding that truth, history has no bearing on the future of Wall Street. That said, stock market historians have repeatedly analyzed market behavior in presidential election years, and what stocks … Read more

The Rise of the Fee-Based Financial Advisor

Fee-Based Advisor

A huge shift is underway, with the client in mind.   A wave of change is transforming the financial services profession. The shift has been gradual, but noticeable. Increasingly, financial professionals are choosing to be compensated, partly or wholly, through fees rather than through commissions. This is a real change from the old status quo. … Read more

Weekly Market Commentary 7/25/2016

Weekly Market Commentary 7-25-2016

The Markets Like a cool breeze on a hot day, the post-Brexit market rally has soothed investors. The CBOE Volatility Index (VIX), also known as the fear gauge, fell significantly during the past few weeks, according to The VIX measures investors’ concerns about future volatility. The lower the Index is; the calmer investors are … Read more

Weekly Economic Update 7/25/2016

GAINS IN HOME BUYING & HOUSING STARTS June brought a 1.1% rise in existing home sales. Analysts, polled by the Wall Street Journal, had forecast a 0.7% decline. In its new report, the National Association of Realtors said 33% of June sales involved first-time buyers, which was a 4-year peak. New Department of Commerce data … Read more

Good Retirement Savings Habits Before Age 40

Good Retirement Savings Habits Before Age 40

Some early financial behaviors that may promote a comfortable future.   You know you should start saving for retirement before you turn 40. What can you start doing today to make that effort more productive, to improve your chances of ending up with more retirement money, rather than less? Structure your budget with the future … Read more

Retirement Insights July 2016


MONTHLY NEWS AND INFORMATION FOR CURRENT AND FUTURE RETIREES THE ADVANTAGES OF A HEALTH SAVINGS ACCOUNT Why do people open up Health Savings Accounts in conjunction with high-deductible insurance plans? For one, HSAs are funded with pre-tax income, and grow untaxed. Distributions out of an HSA are tax-free as long as they are used to … Read more

Weekly Market Commentary 7/18/2016

Weekly Market Commentary 7-18-2016

The Markets “Start your engines,” was not in the Department of Labor (DOL)’s June Employment Report Summary, but it may as well have been. A positive jobs report revved investor optimism and sent U.S. stock markets sprinting higher last week. Job growth was strong in June with 287,000 new jobs created. That helped soothe worries … Read more

Weekly Economic Update 7/18/2016

Two SIGNS OF A STRONGER ECONOMY Retail sales improved 0.6% in June, according to the Commerce Department, and the core gain was 0.7% with auto buying and home improvement purchases factored out. Industrial production rose 0.6% in June, making up for a 0.3% May loss. Both indicators could be taken as hints of solid second-quarter … Read more

5 Tips For Maximizing Your 401(k)


For the majority of us, our retirement hopes hang on our 401(k). In an effort to help you improve awareness and control over your 401(k), I have listed five tips to help you maximize your 401(k)’s performance. Make sure your contribution is (at a minimum) equal to your employer’s match. By not doing so, you … Read more