Weekly Economic Update 6/27/2016

Economic Update

BREXIT VOTE BATTERS GLOBAL MARKETS The world reacted to the news Thursday night that U.K. voters had decided to leave the European Union. Germany’s DAX, France’s CAC-40, and Japan’s Nikkei 225 respectively ended their Friday trading sessions with losses of 6.82%, 8.04%, and 7.92%. Wall Street was not hit as hard, but the Dow fell … Read more

Weekly Market Commentary 6/27/2016

Weekly Market Commentary 6-27-2016

The Markets Surprise! Britain is leaving the European Union (EU) after 40 years of membership. Last Thursday, almost three-fourths of voters in Britain – about 30 million people, according to the BBC – cast ballots to determine whether the United Kingdom would remain in the EU. By a slim margin, the British people opted out. … Read more

The Brexit Shakes Global Markets


A worldwide selloff occurs after the United Kingdom votes to leave the European Union. A wave of anxiety hit Wall Street Friday morning. Thursday night, the United Kingdom elected to become the first nation state to leave the European Union. The “Brexit” can potentially be finalized as soon as the summer of 2018.1 Voters in … Read more

How The “Brexit” Could Affect your Money


Investors worldwide are concerned about the possibility of a “Brexit”: the potential exit of “Britain” (to be precise, the United Kingdom) from the European Union. A Brexit would represent a significant crack in the foundation of the EU. Economists believe it might produce a recession in the U.K., and when one economy slumps, there are … Read more

Retirement Newsletter June 2016

MONTHLY NEWS AND INFORMATION FOR CURRENT AND FUTURE RETIREES RETIRING WITH A COMFORTABLE LEVEL OF INCOME In retirement, your level of income directly affects your quality of life. How can you effectively give yourself more spending power? From a portfolio standpoint, you can focus on income-producing investments. When you start planning for retirement, you invest … Read more

Weekly Economic Update 6/20/2016

Economic Update

RETAIL SALES RISE another HALF-PERCENT This healthy May increase follows the 1.3% gain recorded by the Department of Commerce for April, and offers more evidence that the economy has rebounded from a sluggish first quarter. Core retail sales (minus auto and gasoline purchases) were up 0.4% last month.1 INFLATION CONTINUES TO FIRM According to the … Read more

Weekly Market Commentary 6/20/2016

The Markets The world’s stock markets took it on the chin last week. A one-two punch was delivered with the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting leading and concerns Britain will leave the European Union following. On Wednesday, the Federal Reserve confirmed what many had suspected. There would be no June rate hike. There was … Read more

Weekly Economic Update 6/13/2016

Economic Update

A LITTLE LESS OPTIMISM IN EARLY JUNE On Friday, the University of Michigan’s initial June survey of consumer sentiment showed a slight retreat, with the index coming in at 94.3 versus its final May mark of 94.7. The survey’s chief economist, Richard Curtin, noted “consumers rated their current financial situation at the best levels since … Read more

Is Fixed Income as Safe as you think?

Is Fixed Income safe?

Two studies suggest that the “conventional wisdom” may be flawed. If you move away from equities with age, are you making a mistake? For some time, financial professionals have encouraged investors to lessen their exposure to the stock market as they get older. After all, a 60-year-old has less time to recover from a market … Read more