Weekly Market Commentary 12/28/2015

Weekly Market Commentary 12/28/2015

The Markets It was a short week, but it wasn’t quiet. Oil prices moved higher, according to The Wall Street Journal, after the U.S. Energy Information Administration reported crude-oil inventories fell unexpectedly last year. Analysts had predicted oil supplies would rise. One expert cited by The Wall Street Journal suggested the stockpile decline and subsequent … Read more

Weekly Market Commentary 12/21/2015

Weekly Market Commentary 12/21/2015.

The Markets After a level of hype that would have exhausted even the most dedicated Star Wars fans, the Federal Reserve finally began to tighten monetary policy last week, raising the funds rate from 0.25 percent to 0.50 percent. Although financial markets appeared sanguine when the rate hike was announced, the calm dissipated quickly. The … Read more

How Could a Fed Rate Hike Affect You?

Interst Rate Hike

As the central bank starts tightening, some positives & negatives may emerge. Economists widely expect the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates this month. Additional incremental rate hikes may follow in 2016. If you are retired (or soon will be), you will want to consider what gradually higher interest rates could mean for you financially. … Read more

Weekly Market Commentary 12/14/2015

Weekly Market Commentary

The Markets It’s not like it’s a surprise! Last week, investors didn’t appear to be thrilled with the possibility the Federal Reserve might raise rates this week. They also weren’t too impressed by another drop in oil prices. There was red ink everywhere as markets from Australia to Hong Kong, across the Eurozone, and throughout … Read more

Weekly Market Commentary 12/7/2015

Weekly Market Commentary 12/7/2015.

The Markets Anyone looking at U.S. stock market performance last week might assume it was a pretty quiet week. They would be wrong. It was a very bouncy week. U.S. stock markets moved lower on Monday, rebounded on Tuesday, and then appeared to suffer a one-two punch mid-week that knocked indices lower. On Wednesday, the … Read more

Weekly Market Commentary 11/30/2015

Weekly Market Commentary for the week of 11/30/2015.

The Markets American markets were relatively quiet during Thanksgiving week but there were fireworks in China’s markets. Late in the week, media outlets reported the China Securities Regulatory Commission was conducting inquiries into several securities firms as part of an anti-corruption crackdown triggered by last summer’s wild market gyrations. The news sizzled through China’s stock … Read more