I recently read an article about a private pilot who was flying his Piper Comanche from Chicago to Indianapolis. He was feeling pretty good as he was an experienced pilot who had recently received hi instrument rating. The hot air created some turbulence so he ascended to 12,000 feet, higher than he had ever flown before. He felt euphoric as he could see all the way across the Lake Michigan, and marveled at the view. All of a sudden a mental alarm went off, he was euphoric, and major warning sign. Every piolet learns about hypoxia in ground school. Hypoxia

One of the biggest mistakes people can make when planning for retirement is failing to maximize their social security benefits. Why is this a mistake? You may have heard that social security is broken, that it might not be around by the time you retire. But the truth is, social security is still here and you should take advantage of it. It can easily be used as another stream is income to help find your retirement. Here are three ways to potentially increase your social security benefits. 1.) Delay collecting your benefits. Too many people rush to collect their social